Friday, 27 March 2009

lord of the chimps


this is an eclectic mix i did a while ago
i think it was a bit slept on at the time
i reckon it will get rediscovered in about 300 years and kids will study it in school
its mostly refixes and exclusives

heres the tracklisting:

1. fox - special (drumline)
2. temptations - my girl (drumline)
3. mavado - mr palmer (drumline)
4. fallacy - big n bashy
5. cocoa tea n buju - go home (big n bashy)
6. beenie man - romie (big n bashy)
7. broke n english - tryin
8. i wayne - satisfy her (tryin)
9. tubby t - meditate10.assassin - screw you (murdah)
11.busy signal - step out (groundbreaker)
12.mavado n busy - badman place (groundbreaker)
13.assassin n vybz kartel (gangsters)
14.assassin - do it if ya bad (i luv u)
15.rolla - stick up
16.jammer - murkle man
17.vybz kartel - tek buddy (murkle man)
18.chunky - special (chrome)
19.capleton - in her heart (chrome)
20.capleton - wha dis (blue monday)
21.norrisman - move hard (blue monday)
22.tony matterhorn - gunman fi dem (voodoo ray)
23.collie buddz - come around (gunman) cham - ghetto story (move it)
25.sizzla n vybz (cure and the cause)

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